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Fit-out - D.A.S.


Interior design, Architect, General designer

architect: Ing. arch. Alena Hrčková
  Ing. arch. Tereza Dufková
  Ing. arch. Pavel Hrček
chief designer: Ing. Jan Baštář
client: D.A.S. pojišťovna právní ochrany a.s.
investment costs: 23 mil. CZK
location: Praha
architect (interior): Ing. arch. Alena Hrčková
  Ing. arch. Tereza Dufková
constr. realization: 2012
design: 2012

The main goal during creating a new office space for the insurance company D.A.S. was that the interior design will meet the current and future needs of the investor. We tried to create an environment that will be different than the other classic office space and that will be able to offer a background to its users, with which they can identify.

In the building of BB Centrum at Brumlovka we created a variable space with different typologies. From closed individual and collective cell offices to an open spaces.
The hierarchy of these spaces react to the internal structure of the D.A.S. company and its future demands. Combination of closed and open offices complement the rest rooms with tea kitchens. Entrances are represented by two receptions. Main reception has a direct access from the lifts. Business. There is an atypical reception desk made of corian which is 4,5 meters long. Illuminated 3D logo of the company was made of white plexi glass and dark blue felt. A second reception is integrated into the management part where the representative meeting rooms are situated.

In interior design, we placed emphasis on the composition of the mass and material solutions. We separated the linear corridor space with solid smooth surfaces in contrast to the glass walls. The horizontal glass walls are divided into 4 segments. It helped us to make the space inviting. The level of privacy is supported by the white shade in the middle part of the glass wall.

We proposed materials that meet the high demands of durability and maintenance. PVC is used in the most straining areas such as corridors and kitchens. Other walking areas are made of durable business carpets.  
A key element in the interior design was using the large-size wallpaper. We have tried to reflect the function of each space on wallpaper. For example in the business department of foreign law activities, we created a silhouette of world cities. A great attention was paid to relaxing rooms. We used different types of furniture to create intimate background, where the employees can spend time by relaxing or informal negotiations.

area:                            1,500 m2
enclosed volume:         4,350 m3

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  • Fit-out - D.A.S.
  • Fit-out - D.A.S.
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