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Spa Teplice nad Bečvou - Lobby with reception


Interior design, Architect, General designer

architect: Ing. Lukáš Srch
  Ing. Jiří Beran
  Ing. arch. Pavel Hrček
  Ing. arch. Alena Hrčková
chief designer: Ing. Lukáš Srch
  Ing. Jiří Beran
client: Lázně Teplice nad Bečvou, a.s.
investment costs: 8,5 mil. CZK ( interior 4,5 mil. CZK)
location: Teplice nad Bečvou
architect (interior): Ing. Lukáš Zimandl
  Ing.arch.Tereza Musilová
constr. realization: 2012
design: 2012

In accordance with long-term trends in the area of services and raising standards for clients in Spa Teplice nad Bečvou investor proceeded to the next stage of the revitalization of the complex spa - Spa House Janáček.

There was created a new entrance hall with reception for visitors of sanatorium. The entrance was conceived as a modern reflection on the new interiors of cafes and bowling. There were used light warm colors in the interior. The rooms for medics were lined with tiles of glossy white senosan, which adds to the whole space, in combination with artificial lighting design, clean and clear lines.

Together with these changes there were a new lobby with reception and new entrances to the building.Reconstruction of existing facilities and construction of new parts of the building (swimming pool, cafe, bowling and common areas) were a challenge for Stopro Architects. They tried to find the optimal solution within the specification. The project was limited to a short time and investment costs.

Area:                475 m2

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